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Shure MV7 Microphone

Shure MV7 Microphone

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Versatile USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone

The Shure MV7 is a professional-quality dynamic microphone inspired by the legendary SM7B, designed for close mic applications requiring vocal clarity and balanced tone. Perfect for podcasting, recording, and live streaming, the MV7 delivers exceptional audio performance.

Dual USB/XLR Connectivity

With both USB and XLR outputs, the MV7 offers the flexibility of digital or analog recording, making it ideal for any setup, whether you're in a professional studio or recording at home.

Optimized for Close Mic Applications

The MV7 excels in close mic situations, providing rich and natural vocal reproduction. It’s perfect for podcasting, recording sessions, live streaming, and more, ensuring your voice is captured with precision and clarity.

Intuitive Touch Panel Controls

The microphone features an intuitive touch panel interface, allowing you to easily control microphone gain, headphone level, monitor mix, and muting. This user-friendly interface ensures you have complete control over your audio settings directly from the microphone.

Built-in Headphone Output

A built-in headphone output allows for direct headphone monitoring while recording, ensuring you can hear exactly what you’re capturing in real-time.

ShurePlus MOTIV Desktop Application

The ShurePlus MOTIV Desktop Application offers advanced audio processing capabilities. Save custom presets or use auto-gain, compression, and EQ presets for easy real-time adjustments. The Auto-Level Mode automatically adjusts gain and compression settings, while switchable EQ filters let you fine-tune your audio tone.

Durable All-Metal Construction

Built with a rugged, all-metal design, the MV7 is both attractive and durable, providing reliable performance for years. The adjustable yoke allows for flexible placement on standard 5/8"-27 threaded stands or booms, making it easy to position the microphone exactly where you need it.

What’s in the Box

  • Shure MOTIV MV7 Podcast Microphone
  • 10 ft (3m) USB-A cable
  • 10 ft (3m) USB-C cable

Key Features

  • USB or XLR Connections: Dual USB/XLR output allows for digital or analog recording.
  • Close Mic Applications: Ideal for podcasting, recording, live streaming, and more.
  • Intuitive Touch Panel Controls: Control gain, monitoring volume, headphone mix, and mic muting with ease.
  • Built-In Headphone Output: Direct headphone monitoring for real-time audio feedback.
  • Rich & Natural Vocal Reproduction: Optimized frequency response for clear and balanced sound.
  • ShurePlus MOTIV Desktop Application: Access audio processing features, auto-gain, compression, EQ presets, and save custom settings.
  • All-Metal Construction: Rugged design ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Flexible Placement Options: Adjustable yoke for easy positioning on various stands and booms.

Experience the flexibility and superior sound quality of the Shure MV7, designed to meet the demands of today's podcasters, streamers, and recording artists.

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